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For Volunteers

Program Contact: Tanya Barnett, 4-H Youth Coordinator
360-379-5610 x208 •

Become a 4-H Volunteer and…

  • See the best in our community
  • Share your skills and gain new ones
  • Make memories and friendships

As an affiliate of Washington State University, our state’s land grant university, you benefit from:

  • WSU Extension resources and curriculum
  • Training relevant to your 4-H responsibilities and to life
  • WSU liability coverage and L&I insurance while volunteering

Apply to Be a 4-H Volunteer

Take the first step towards becoming a 4-H volunteer: download, read, and complete the WSU 4-H Volunteer Application process.  If you have any questions, please contact Tanya Barnett, 4-H Coordinator: or (360) 379-5610 x208.

Volunteer Opportunities

Sharing your time and talents can be rewarding beyond expectation. Volunteering with 4-H will help to enrich a youth’s life as well as contribute to the future of our community. No matter how much time you have to give, 4-H has a place for YOU.

One-time, Date-Specific Opportunities:

  • Assist with event registrations, space setup, etc.
  • Office assistance: filing, data entry, etc.
  • Assist with fund raising opportunities
  • Teach a workshop for youth (e.g., creative arts, animal health, robotics…)
  • Serve as a judge in any area of expertise (e.g., photography, sewing, goats…)
  • Represent 4-H at recruiting and informational events

Short-term Opportunities:

  • Serve on a committee or ad-hoc task force
  • Lead a committee for a specific club or program
  • Plan or implement 4-H events
  • Facilitate club activities (i.e. fund raising, social activities, awards celebrations, etc.)

Ongoing Opportunities:

  • START a club for kids, LEAD a project, TEACH youth skills…
  • Serve on an advisory group for 4-H
  • Partner with youth to implement shows, trainings, and events
  • Be an advocate for youth and youth issues

No matter how much time you have to give – 4-H has a place for YOU!

Jefferson County 4-H Council

Want to meet other 4-H volunteers?  You can do so every month at our 4-H Council meetings.  4-H Council is comprised of our 4-H youth and adult leaders and we typically meet the first Monday of every month.  This is a great time to find out more about what 4-H looks like and does in our county.  For more information, please contact Tanya Barnett at or (360) 379-5610 x208.

Please click on the Jefferson County 4-H Council webpage for more information.