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Washington State University

Thurston County Agriculture Advisory Committee

Program Contact: Stephen Bramwell
(360) 867-2161 •

The Thurston County Board of Commissioners established an Agriculture Advisory Committee in 1978 to advise the Thurston County Commissioners and Planning Commission on public decisions and/or emerging issues that would significantly affect agriculture. Additional functions are to review local, state, or federal programs identified by staff that could affect Thurston County agriculture; to conduct a regular review or evaluation of County efforts to protect and support agriculture; to consider and recommend new initiatives; and to work closely with WSU Thurston County Extension and other groups to help them support agriculture.

Committee Membership:

The Committee is composed of eleven members serving two-year terms. Four members are to be non-farmer members to represent rural residents who may be affected by County efforts to protect farmland. Seven members are to be farmer-members representing a variety of the agriculture commodities produced in Thurston County and geographic areas of the County. Members may appoint alternates to serve during an absence. Ex-Officio members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners. Current ex-officio members are staff from WSU Thurston County Extension and the Thurston Conservation District, and Thurston County Resource Stewardship. Ex-officio members participate as other appointed members in discussions and may designate alternates to serve during an absence.

The current membership of the Committee can be viewed here. You can check if there are any vacancies and submit an application to join the Committee here.

Meeting Schedule:

Meetings are open to the public. Meeting times are 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m on the third Thursday of every month with the except of August and December. Special meetings may be called, and regular meetings may be canceled, at the discretion of the Chair. For more information please contact the WSU Thurston County Extension at (360) 867-2189.

Past Meeting Minutes and Materials:

Copies of minutes from past meetings may be viewed here.