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Washington State University

Pastures & Hay

Pasture & Grazing Management in the Northwest (PDF)

This 200+ page publication covers extensive information for those who manage livestock on pastures in the Northwest. Washington State University, 2002. 

Pastures: Sustainable Management (PDF)

This publication addresses various aspects of pasture integration, grazing rotation strategies, and management options. Includes information on grazing systems, pasture fertility, changes in the plant community due to grazing, weed control, and general maintenance. NCAT sustainable Agriculture Project 2006.

The Reality of Low Quality Forages (PDF)

This publication focuses on beef-cattle-feeding practices and how they affect cattle health. Washington State University, 2012.

Understanding your Forage Test Results (PDF)

This publication covers the ins and outs of how to read and understand the results of your forage tests. Oregon State University, 2016. 

Pasture & Hayland Renovation For Western Washington & Oregon (PDF)

This publication is designed to help you achieve a successful forage seeding whether you’re a beginning or experienced forage producer. It’s divided into sections so you can focus on the information you need. It contains recommendations for seed mixes and seeding techniques on pasture and hayland based on soils, climate, and intended use of the area. Washington State University, 2002. 

Haymaking on the Westside (PDF)

Reality indicates good quality hay can be produced on the west side of Washington State with proper knowledge, skills, equipment, storage, and perhaps a bit of luck. Aside from luck, this publication provides insights on the other issues of westside Washington hay production. Washington State University, April 2001. 

Grass ID For Beginners 

This video teaches about the key indicator species you are likely to find in a species-rich dry meadow.