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Gardening/Composting/Recycling Question and Answer Clinic

Program Contact: WSU Master Gardener Question/Answer Clinic
(360) 867-2163 •

Do you have a plant eaten-up by bugs or diseases? Maybe you have a plant or weed you cannot identify? Wondering how to turn your yard waste into compost? Not sure if something can be recycled?

That’s where the WSU Master Gardener and Master Recycler Composter volunteers of Thurston County can help. Our certified volunteers can answer your questions using the most accurate, unbiased, scientifically proven, local information and resources. This service is free to all Thurston County residents.

Gardening/Composting/Recycling Question and Answer Clinic –



YES, we are now “open”!

Our WSU Master Gardener and Master Recycler Composter volunteers are answering your questions via email only.

If you have a question please email it to:

If your question is related to the plant health problem, it would be helpful to attach a couple of photos with your email. Please send one that shows the plant in the surrounding landscape and another close to the plant showing the area of concern. By providing photos in your initial email will help us expedite a response.


NOTE: We are here to help, but wanted to let you know that we are receiving a larger than normal volume of questions. Our certified volunteers are working hard to answer your questions in a timely manner. We appreciate your patience and your desire for wanting accurate gardening/composting/recycling information. We look forward to serving you.


Question/Answer Clinic-CLOSED

Our in-person and phone consultation question/answer clinic is currently CLOSED due to Governor Inslee’s January 11 Healthy Washington-Roadmap to Recovery proclamation to minimize public health risk during COVID-19. Once it is safe, we will post details of when we plan to reopen on this site.


The Gardens and Clinics are operated by WSU trained and certified volunteers. All services provided by Thurston County WSU Master Gardener and Master Recycler Composter volunteers are free to Thurston County residents. These volunteers can only provide information to home gardeners. Commercial farms and businesses need to contact Extension office for help, (360) 867-2162.


For more gardening information visit.

For more composting and recycling information visit.