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Washington State University


Market Vegetable Gardens: Planning for Success (PDF)
Market gardens are generally small plots of land (1/4 acre to 2 acres) that produce diverse vegetables, fruit, and/or flower crops to sell directly to consumers.  Sales can occur via community-supported agriculture shares, directly from the farm, at local farmers’ markets, and to local restaurants, stores and co-ops.  This publication presents guidelines for successful production and marketing of a market garden in Washington or Oregon west of the Cascades emphasizing annual vegetables. Washington State University, December 2010. 

Pacific Northwest Vegetable Production Guides
These guides were adapted by the Oregon State University Extension Service from Oregon and Pacific NW publications, from publications of other public institutions, published and unpublished research, and the professional experience of OSU faculty and some colleagues in agribusiness. Oregon State University. 

Vegetable Grafting: Eggplants and Tomatoes (PDF)
This fact sheet provides brief descriptions of how to prepare plant material for grafting, some general considerations for grafting, the most common techniques used to graft eggplant and tomato, healing grafted plants, and transplanting and maintaining grafted plants in the field. Washington State University, October 2011. 

Vegetable Grafting: The Healing Chamber (PDF)
A healing chamber is a small covered structure that maximizes humidity and reduces light to allow grafted plants to heal. This fact sheet provides step-by-step instructions for constructing and managing a healing chamber. Washington State University, October 2011.