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Program Contact: Emily Killeen, 4-H Program Coordinator
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Announcement Revised September 7, 2021

Governor Jay Inslee issued a health and safety proclamation on August 20, 2021, in response to a continued state of emergency that exists in all counties due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The health and safety proclamation, as ordered by the Governor, includes employees, contractors and volunteers engaged in activities with state agencies and in educational settings. Therefore, WSU (including WSU Extension and the 4-H program) is required to comply with Governor Inslee’s recent vaccination proclamation directives.

With regard to volunteers, below are a series of references, deadlines and explanations that provide further details.

  • The Proclamation (21-14.1) can be found HERE.
  • Deadline: All current WSU Volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated or exempted by October 18th. Volunteers who are not fully vaccinated or who do not have an approved exemption on file by October 18 will be put on inactive status. They will not be able to engage in any volunteer activities with WSU Extension until proof of full vaccination can be observed or until an exemption request has been reviewed.
  • Proof of vaccination: WSU Extension will announce a county-level process for observing & recording documentation of vaccination status for volunteers.
  • Exemption process: WSU Extension will seek to implement a state-level exemption process (for religious or medical reasons) for volunteers and will announce details on that process shortly.

More information on WSU’s Vaccination Policy is available on the web at

Questions regarding WSU’s Vaccination Policy can be directed via e-mail to

Required WSU Volunteer Training

In addition to in-person training, completing the following 4-H Volunteer E-Learning online modules is a requirement for WSU Volunteer Certification:

  • “Put the Child First” Volunteer Training
  • Washington 4-H Volunteer Orientation Modules
  • Washington State 4-H Financial Management Training

Logging Your Hours

WSU requires that all certified volunteers regularly log hours of service.  We are currently in the process of switching to GivePulse for volunteer hour reporting.  Below are training videos to help you get started with GivePulse.  Please do not use the old system to report your volunteer hours.  Please continue to keep track of your hours so that you can enter them into GivePulse.

If you are an enrolled Thurston County 4-H volunteer, you will receive an email with instructions on how to claim your GivePulse account.  Once you have claimed your account, you may begin registering for events (volunteer opportunities) and entering impacts (reporting hours).

                 GivePulse Volunteer Training Video

 June 23, 2022 Zoom Training

                                    How-To Videos

Claim Your Account Log Into Your Account
Register for Event Create an Impact


You may use this log to track your hours.  All hours must then be logged as impacts in your GivePulse account:

Please contact us at with questions or assistance.


Enrollment is now online at and is completed only with Club Leader confirmation

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