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Washington State University


New Alternative Fruit Crops for Western Washington (PDF)

Many of the alternative fruit crops presented in this bulletin were initially tested for suitability to the home grower. There are several questions to be answered when looking for new crops that have the potential to be profitable; this bulletin will help answer some of those questions. Washington State University, January 2006. 

Preplant Soil Fumigation and Alternatives for Berry Production (PDF)
The US EPA is phasing in new regulations on many of the common soil fumigants, and these will not allow many growers to fumigate as they have done in the past. This fact sheet reviews the reasons for fumigation, fumigation techniques, new EPA regulations and alternatives to broadcast fumigation. Washington State University, 2011.

Commercial Red Raspberry Production in the Pacific Northwest (PDF)
This publication describes the biology of raspberries; cultivar selection; plantation establishment and maintenance; and many raspberry management topics, including marketing. Pacific Northwest Extension Publication, October 2007.

Caneberries Nutrient Management Guide (PDF)
Thorough guide to nutrient management in caneberries.  Includes foliar and soil testing and management decisions based on analysis results. Oregon State University, January 2006.

A Grower’s Guide to Pruning Highbush Blueberries (PDF)

The Oregon Blueberry Growers Association called this an indispensable tool for beginning and experienced growers. A commercial grower and two Extension scientists show a four-step procedure for pruning plants of all ages to increase yield and quality. Designed for both the commercial grower and the home gardener. Illustrates the basics of plant growth, equipment, and ways to increase pruning speed. Oregon State University, June 2011.

Protecting Strawberries from Birds (PDF)

These helpful tips will guide you on how to protect your strawberries from birds using netting and mylar tape. Washington State University, March 1992. 

Strawberries: Organic Production (PDF)
This publication provides an overview of organic strawberry production methods. It also covers integrated pest management (IPM) and weed-control techniques that can reduce pesticide use in strawberry production. It includes discussions of weeds, pests, diseases, greenhouse production, plasticulture,
fertility, economics, and marketing. It also provides further resources. National Center for Appropriate Technology, 2007.

Weed Control in Strawberry (PDF)
Covers weed management, field selection, seedbed preparation, geese as weeders, crop rotation and competition, cultivation, and general management of strawberry beds. Includes a list of recommended herbicides for various seasonal and plant type applications. Analyses of production cost factors, budgeting, machinery, and other costs for a model cranberry bog. Offers tables and worksheets to help plan the production and marketing of the crop. Exhibits projected costs of chemicals [e.g., pesticides], labor, irrigation, analysis, and other factors to be considered. Washington State University, September 1995. 

Cranberry Production in the Pacific Northwest (PDF)
Discusses the cultivated cranberry and how to cultivate, protect from pests and diseases, test and correct deficiencies, and harvest the crop in natural and developed beds. Pacific Northwest Extension Publication, May 2002. 

Chip Bud Grafting in Washington State Vineyards (PDF)
The process of chip bud grafting is described for vineyard growers interested in changing grape varieties. Background, benefits, requirements, and color photos demonstrating the various steps are provided. Washington State University Extension, July 2007. 

Protecting Grapevines from Winter Injury (PDF) 
This publication describes three systems that may help prevent grapevine injury from winter freezes, which reduce fruit and wine production. Pacific Northwest Extension Publication, 2008. 

Grapevine Leafroll Disease (PDF)
Grapevine leafroll is a very complex viral disease. This publication addresses various aspects of disease symptoms, accurate diagnosis, vector management, and the absolute necessity of taking preventive measures. Washington State University, 2008. 

Lingonberry Production Guide for the Pacific Northwest (PDF) 
This publication describes the plant; discusses uses and products; lists cultivars; and outlines cultural management, pest management, harvesting, and marketing methods. Current lingonberry suppliers are listed with contact information. Pacific Northwest Extension Publication, January 2006.