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Washington State University

WSU Master Gardener Program

Program Contact: WSU Master Gardener Question/Answer Clinic
(360) 867-2163 •

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Who are the WSU Master Gardener Volunteers?

We are a volunteer service gardening organization – cultivating plants, people, and communities since 1973.

Our Thurston County program is part of the statewide WSU Extension Master Gardener Program which combines horticulture training and public service. WSU Master Gardener volunteers are trained and certified as community educators to provide professional, unbiased, researched-based home gardening and horticulture information to the public through the following avenues:

WSU Master Gardener Program Priorities – The WSU Master Gardener Program addresses important sociologic and environmental issues by teaching research-based horticulture information. We want people to have important skills and abilities that help mitigate challenges and to understand that everyone has a role to play in creating and sustaining healthy and resilient communities.

2022 Impact Report – Thurston Extension MG & MRC Primary Slide– a summary of the 2022 program impacts can be found by clicking on the above link.

2023 Impact Report coming soon.

WSU Master Gardener Volunteer Training

  • Are you interested in becoming a WSU Master Gardener volunteer?  Learn more about what WSU Master Gardener volunteers do and how to become one on our training page.

Program Services and Online Resources

The Master Gardener Program celebrated 50 years in 2023

It all began at Washington State University… A grassroots, sociologic movement that started at WSU and was emulated across the United States and into Canada and South Korea, the Master Gardener Program is WSU Extension’s Flagship Volunteer program.

Information for Current MG Volunteers

Click here to go to TOSS (password-protected)

Click here to go to the 2024 WSU Thurston County MG TRAINEE webpage (password-protected)

Click here to go to the 2023 WSU Thurston County MG TRAINEE webpage (password-protected)

Click here to go to the 2022 WSU Thurston County MG TRAINEE webpage (password-protected)

Directions on how to use Zoom for a MG or MRC Meeting/Activity. Using Zoom for a MG or MRC Meeting (pdf)

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Do You Have a Gardening Question?

Do you have a plant eaten-up by bugs or diseases? Maybe you have a plant or weed you cannot identify? Or, you have a spot in your garden and you need advice on what to plant? That’s where the WSU Master Gardener and Master Recycler Composter volunteers of Thurston County can help.

Gardening/Composting/Recycling Question/Answer Clinic –


Our WSU Master Gardener and Master Recycler Composter volunteers are answering your questions via email and at select in-person events around Thurston County. Visit our Events page to learn more.

If you have a question please email it to:


Volunteers are NOT allowed to visit personal properties to do site visits or evaluations.

The following are topics our volunteers are NOT permitted to answer:

  • Questions concerning commercial crop and nursery
    production, municipal parks and trees, homeowner/condo association landscape issues, pesticide regulations, wetlands or waterways, livestock and pasture, pet or human health, and food safety/preservation topics must be referred to the appropriate WSU Extension educator and can’t be answered by WSU Master Gardener volunteers.
  • For health issues, including a sense of being bitten by something, clients need to contact their personal medical advisers or to their County Health District.
  • Provide legal advice.
  • Edibility of mushrooms and other foraged plants.
  • Growing marijuana.
  • Endorsements of specific businesses and services. i.e. local lawn/garden service companies, landscape architects, best nurseries  etc.

Our in-person Question/Answer Clinic at Thurston County Extension office is CLOSED until further notice.

The Gardens and Clinics are operated by WSU and Thurston County trained and certified volunteers. All services provided by Thurston County WSU Master Gardener and Master Recycler Composter volunteers are free to Thurston County residents.

Volunteers can only provide information to home gardeners. Commercial farms and businesses need to contact WSU Thurston County Extension office for help, (360) 867-2189.





Our Program Partners

The WSU Thurston County Extension Master Gardener Program and Master Recycler Composter Program of Thurston County achieves our missions with the support of our sponsors and partners.  They include: City of Olympia, Port of Olympia, Master Gardener Foundation of Thurston County, Thurston County Public Works, WSU Master Gardener Program, and WSU Thurston County Extension.

Click here to learn more about our partners.

WSU Extension programs and employment are available to all without discrimination. Evidence of noncompliance may be reported through your local WSU Extension office. Persons will disabilities who require alternative means for communication or program information or reasonable accommodation need to contact Cori Carlton at 3054 Carpenter Rd. SE, Olympia WA 98503, 360-867-2162, at least two weeks prior to the beginning of training.