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Washington State University

Sheep & Goats


Sheep Production Guide (PDF)

This guide outlines management practices that will help develop a successful sheep enterprise. Topics include flock, lamb, and disease management. Oregon State University, November 2006. 

Tube Feeding Neonatal Small Ruminants (PDF)
This publication gives a complete overview of the topic of tube feeding neonatal lambs and kids. Relevant anatomy, indications, and techniques are presented. Washington State University, 2005. 

Feeding Sheep (PDF)
Nutrition plays a major role in the overall productivity, health, and well-being of the sheep flock. This publication covers the five major categories of nutrients required by sheep during development. Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009. 



Animal Care Series: Goat Care Practices (PDF)
The goals of the publication are to explain why, when, and how specific practices are used in goat production systems in California. University of California Extension, May 2000.

Agricultural Alternatives: Dairy Goat Production (PDF)
This publication was developed by the Small-scale and Part-time Farming Project. It covers the marketing, production, and nutrition associated with dairy goat production. Penn State Extension, 2008.