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Washington State University

Agriculture Educator

Sierra Smith, Agriculture Faculty 

WSU Thurston County Extension, (360) 867-2165

Main Interests

Native seed production and use. Animal-based land management. Multi-use landscape at the intersection of agriculture, habitat, and horticulture. Support for indigenous land use. Social and community-based farming. Botany. Agroforestry.

Current Responsibilities:
  • Statewide instructor for new farmer training: Cultivating Success
  • Supports the SW Washington Grazing Association
  • Co-hosts the SW Washington Grazing School
  • Collaboratively manages the Camas Demonstration Ranch
  • Technical advisor for grassland restoration specifically around native seeding efforts
Previous Roles:
  • Farming: Native seeds (10 years), livestock (11 years), vegetables (3 years)
  • Botanist for Yosemite National Park
  • Nursery Manager for Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens
  • Landscaper