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Washington State University

Specialty Grain Production

Project overview

Western Washington is a tremendously productive region for growing cereals, pulse crops, and vegetable seed. These crops works well in crop rotation with vegetables, forage/hay, and other crops. Simultaneously, rapidly growing specialty grain markets (such as the craft malting, brewing and distilling industries) are hungry for product that can be traced back to the farmer. It is a great time for developing connections between growers and the these industries, to help farmers stay in business with higher value markets, and to bring unique flavors and higher nutrition to customers while providing opportunities for the end consumer to proudly support our region’s farmers.

This specialty grain program is focused on evaluating  cereal, pulse and seed crops for value-added production in Southwestern WA. This includes work on craft beverage markets, market and production assessments need and opportunity for infrastructure investment, field trials and demonstrations, and on-farm workshops.

Save the Date: Cascadia Grains Conference January 17th – 18th, 2020:

Barley Varieties for Craft Brewing, Malting, and Distilling

This study evaluated barley varieties for Western Washington Production, and sales to the local and regional craft beverage industry. Varieties were tested for unique flavors among the diverse germplasm in the WSU barley breeding program. The barley variety Palmer was evaluated, and recently released. The final report provides farmers and brewers with variety data on Palmer (107.43 in this study), and others. Watch for release of 120.17 and 120.14.  The report provides  agronomic information about locally-adapted, and grain and malt quality data.


Download Graphic: Brewfest Tri-Fold