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Washington State University

Thurston County 4-H Leadership

Thurston County 4-H Council

President – Kendra Meek
Vice President – Christine Swearingen
Treasurer – Doreen Tudor/Bob Dunn
Secretary – Annthea Gobel

Thurston County 4-H Policy

Thurston County 4-H Council Constitution and Bylaws

Meeting Minutes

Thurston County Horse Department

Program Leader – Vickie Powers
Assistant Program Leader –
Secretary – Maggie Miller
Treasurer – JoAnn Sabisch

Meeting minutes


Thurston County Dog Committee

Superintendent – Juliana Venables
Assistant Superintendent – Jennifer Sagerser
Treasurer – Natalie Byrnes
Co – Project Leaders : Deb Aitkin
Theresa Ferdinand

Dog Project Committee Minutes

Thurston County Goat Committee



Thurston County Rabbit/Cavy/Cat Committee

President – Kittanya Locken
Vice President – Casey Smith
Secretary – Julie Locken
Treasurer – Jennifer Taylor