Asotin County 4H Clubs

Program Contact: Kim Belanger, 4-H Coordinator
(509) 243-2009 •

Asotin County 4-H Clubs Choose a Project and Club that fits you!

  1. Decide which projects you like (see EM2778)
  2. Find the 4-H Club or Clubs below that provide those projects.
  3. Click on the 4-H Club Name to find out who to contact, information about the club, and enrollment.
  4. You many become a member in more than one club.

Asotin County 4-H Clubs

Club Projects Leader Phone Email Accepting new members?
4 Corners Creative Arts, Clothing and Textiles, Needle Arts, Leadership, Performing Arts Jody Forgey 509-243-3346 No
Anatone 4-H Beef, Creative Arts, Floral, Performing Arts, Photography, Rabbits, Sheep, Swine Barb Appleford 509-256-3316 No
Animal Crackers Primary projects:  Swine, Goat, Rabbit, Poultry, Dog, 4-H Ambassador, Know Your Government, Hedgehogs                  Other projects are available.  Please contact leader. Lisa Ubachs 509-758-5913, 552-1139 Yes
Animals R Us Beef Clothing & Textiles, Creative Arts, Foods & Nutrition, Goat, Hrse, Performing Arts, Photography, Rabbit, Sheep, Swine. Laura Heimgartner 208-305-1224 Yes
Barnyard Beef, Sheep, Swine Keith Weissenfels 509-751-6110 Yes
Beckman Gulch Beef, Sheep, Swine, Goats, Horse, Foods, Clothing, Crafts, Photography, Leadership, Knitting, Crochet, Vet Science Kerry Sanford 208-780-8210 No
Bits N Spurs Horse Lisa Swanson 208-305-1331 No
Born to Ride Horse Myranda Craven 208-553-4635 Yes
BunnyTales/ Pig Tales Rabbit , Sheep, Swine Becky Roach 509-243-4060 Yes, but not swine
Busy Fingers, Happy Hearts Arts, Clothing and Textiles, Foods & Nutrition, Goat, Poultry Sally DeBruin 509-758-7580 Yes, but not goat
Cat Wranglers & Goat Getters Cat, Crochet, Creative Arts, Goats, Photography, possibly more Gail Campbell 509-552-9029 yes
Clarkston Critters Beef, Swine Kopper Blunt 208-553-2131 No
Clever Clovers Foods & Nutrition, Crafts, Exploring 4-H, Rabbits, Sewing Donna Hanger 509-540-0950 No
Country Time Beef, Sheep, Poultry Pam Fleshman 509-758-5568 No
Crazy Crafters & Critters Creative Arts, Clothing &Textiles, Foods & Nutrition, Rabbits, Swine Tiffany Mbodji 208-305-3762 Yes
Equine Addiction Horses, Leadership Deb Marbach 509-758-9475 No
Happy Hams Swine, Performing Arts, Photography Carrie Marks 208-413-3476 No
Hoof Pals Beef, Swine Pam Rouche 509-254-1153 No
Muddy Buddyz Swine, Leadership Stephanie Lathrop 208-791-5019 No
Needles & Noodles Clothing and Textiles, Foods & Nutrition Polly Knutson 509-254-7017 No
Perfect Pets Poultry, Rabbit, Dog, Photography Francse Hansen 509-758-6897 No
Quirky Crafters Clothing and Textiles, Creative Arts, Foods and Nutrition, Photography Laura Koch 509-243-1185 No
Ramblers Archery, Photography, Swine Mike Cooper 509-751-6491 Yes
Range Riders Horse, Beef, Swine Amber Hartley 208-507-2353 Yes
Rough Riding Rustlers Horse Judy Marshall 509-243-6288 Yes
Snake River Beef, Clothing & Textiles, Creative Arts, Leadership, Performing Arts, Photography, Swine Debbie Beuke 509-751-8515, 509-758-4160 No
Stitch & Stir Bread, Clothing & Textiles, Creative Arts, Crochet & Kniting, Foods & Nutrition, Performing Arts Betty Witters 509-758-8841 No
Think Outside the Hog Creative Arts, Foods & Nutrition, Leadership, Swine Angela Wakefield 208-790-0878 No
When Pigs Fly Photography, Swine Jenna Balzer 509-552-9383 No
Wild Hogs Beef, Poultry, Rabbit, Swine Jamie King 509-791-8129 No