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Noxious Weeds in Asotin County

Program Contact: Janice Reed, Office Manager
(509) 243-2009 •

Weeds in Asotin County

puncturevineThe Asotin County Noxious Weed Board’s web site has a variety of information about weeds in Asotin County. You can find their site listed under the Asotin County web site at

Noxious Weed Management Plan” handbook is designed to be a quick and easy resource guide for land owners and managers in Asotin County, Washington. It is expected to promote better and faster identification of problem weeds and to disseminate knowledge concerning various control practices. This handbook may be downloaded.

The Asotin County Extension Office has a variety of publications concerning weeks. The Asotin County Master Gardeners are available to identify weeds and give advice on how to get rid of them.  Please bring a sample of your weed to the Extension office during their plant clinics each Wednesday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm from May through September. During off season, you may leave a sample in the Extension office and we will contact a Master Gardener to analyze it and get back to you.

For additional information on weeds in Asotin County, visit the Invasive Species web page.