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Program Contact: Janice Reed, Office Manager
(509) 243-2009 •

gard1Asotin County’s Climate: Characterized by relatively cold winters and hot, dry summers. Temperatures, length of growing season and rainfall vary with elevations. Example: In Anatone, which is about 3600 feet above sea level, the growing seasion is about 125 days, 22 inches of rain and an average annual temperature of 45°. In Asotin, 750 feet above sea level, the growing season is about 200 days, 13 inches of rain and an average annual temperature of 54°.

Rainfall: Lower elevations are 13″; Higher elevations are 22″ .

Average Temperature: Winter – High 40.4 degrees/ Low 28.5 degrees; Summer – High 93.3 degrees/Low 59.1 degrees.

Relative Humidity: Averages about 70% during the winter months and gradually lowers to about 40% during July and August.

USDA Zones: 5 to 7

Clarkston Community Garden is located at 1440 Fair Street, Clarkston, WA.  For more information visit their web site at

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