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4-H and Fair Information

Important 4-H Dates:

Dec 3:    Steer Weigh-in
Jan 28:   Swine weigh-in
Feb 25:  Sheep & Goat Weigh-in

Asotin County Fair Grounds, 8:00 am


2023 Fair info

81st Annual Asotin County Fair
April 27-30

Judges Expectations:

  • 2023 Beef Judge Expectations
  • 2023 Swine Judge Expectations
  • 2023 Sheep and Goat Judge Expectations
  • Herdsmanship Expectations
  • Horse Judge Expectations
  • Rabbit Judge Expectations
  • Poultry Judge Expectations
  • Cat Judge Expectations
Dog and Cat Projects
Livestock Projects

Certificates of Ownership

Quality Assurance

Family Living & General Projects


Livestock Fitting and Showing: Industry Standards for 4-H Livestock Projects – PowerPoint Presentation

Record Book/Add Sheets

Enrollment Forms

Member Enrollment

Leader Enrollment


Club Forms

Demonstration Day

Scholarship and Sponsorship forms

Teen Leadership Forms

Volunteer Time Sheet

Meeting Minutes

Fairboard Minutes

Current Fairboard meeting minutes can be found at:

Horse Committee Minutes

Leaders’ Council Minutes

Livestock Committee Minutes