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Coronavirus COVID-19

COVID-19 Advisory: WSU Extension is working to keep our communities safe. All Extension programming is being conducted consistent with the latest official state guidance. WSU Extension county offices and WSU Research & Extension Centers are following protocols for vaccination, masking, distancing and hygiene. If this office is not open to the public, we are available during normal business hours via email, phone, and web conference.

Meet Our Volunteers

Program Contact: Janice Reed, Office Manager
(509) 243-2009 •

2021 Asotin & Garfield County Master Gardeners

Dick Adams  Class of 2020
Karen Adams  Class of 2020
Bob Biegert  Class of 2012
Shirley Brandon  Class of 2020
Debbie Brotnov  Class of 2010
Deloris Jungert-Davisson  Class of 2002
Barbara DeHerrera  Class of 2018
Anna Duman  Class of 2012
Danielle Evans  Class of 2020
Sue Fitzgerald  Class of 2004
John Freeman  Class of 2012
Petra Hansen  Class of 2020
Jerry Hendrickson  Class of 1995
Julie Kvern  Class of 2020
Carol Larreau  Class of 2018
Peggy Madonia  Class of 2020
Micki Mennet-Martin  Class of 2012
Ruth Monahan  Class of 2016
Susan Morrow  Class of 2016
Mary Jo Murdie  Class of 2014
Kathy Nelson  Class of 2014
LeAnn Phillips  Class of 2006
Aileen Ruchert  Class of 2012
Randy Smith  Class of 2020
Tana Truscott  Class of 2012
Tom VanHorn  Class of 2016
Vicki VanHorn  Class of 2018
Becky Vivian  Class of 2012
Ronda Welling  Class of 2006

Past Asotin & Garfield County          Master Gardeners

Laurie Andrijeski Class of 2008
Charm Barnard Class of 2006
Jim Broemmeling Class of 2012
Sue Buratto Class of 2006
June Cahalan Class of 2006
Larry Carey Class of 2012
Evelyn Courtney Class of 2002
Linda Dial Class of 2004
Arvid Ellson Class of 1987
Glenda Farrell Class of 2006
Dwight Ferguson Class of 2006
Gayla Filler Class of 2002
Carol Hammond Class of 2016
Mary Hasselstrom Class of 2006
Terry Jentsch Class of 2002
Carol Jones Class of 1995
Diane Leonard Class of 2002
Sharon Malcolm Class of 2008
Janet Marugg Class of 2014
Brenda McDaniel Class of 2010
Pat McGuire
Elaine McLaughlin Class of 2006
Carolyn Miller Class of 2002
Nelle Murray Class of 2002
Larry Nelson Class of 2012
Deanna Parker Class of 2002
Lisa Radakovich Class of 2006
Richard Reed Class of 2010
Karen Riddle Class of 2012
Alan Roach Class of 2012
Lori Roach Class of 2012
Janie Roberts Class of 2014
Ken Roberts Class of 2014
Julie Sage Class of 2010
Jennifer Shawley Class of 2006
Jefferson Schulze Class of 2002
Bev Sinkbeil Class of 2002
Stacey Snodgrass Class of 2006
Crystal Thornton Class of 2016
Jackson Vance Class of 2010
Carol Vande Voorde Class of 2004
Lee Weissenfels Class of 2008
Dana Wiggins Class of 2014
Megan Winn Class of 2010