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WSU Extension programs connect the people and communities of Island County with the knowledge base of Washington State University to promote quality of life and advance economic well-being through fostering inquiry, learning, and the application of research.

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Master Gardener Education Series

Master Gardeners conduct a series of free seminars at the Master Gardener Educational Garden at Greenbank Farm from May through October each year.
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Requiem for the Packaging King

It can hold the most delicate objects AND be detrimental to our environment. The Packaging King — expanded polystyrene foam or EPS — pollutes our water and takes hundreds of years to breakdown in landfills. Once broken apart, the polystyrene components crumble into small bits that contaminate our environment even further. Discover ways to reuse EPS and learn how it can be reprocessed into products with a longer lifespan. Future solutions include using textile waste and biomaterials as sustainable packaging filler.

Preserving the Salish Sea

Discover simple ways to help keep the Salish Sea beautiful and reduce plastic pollution.  National Microplastics expert and WSU grad Julie Masura shares tips to help maintain this biologically diverse inland marine ecosystem.  Together, we can make a difference in the health of wildlife, salmon, orcas, and other marine species.