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Island County

Biosolids in Island County

What are Biosolids, and why should we care? WHAT: Biosolids are a fertilizer and soil conditioner made from human septage which has been filtered and aerobically digested, nearly eliminating pathogens. EPA requires all biosolids to be tested for heavy metals and pathogens. WHY SHOULD WE CARE? We all produce septage and it has to go somewhere. Currently biosolids are transported off island at a considerable cost (ie $700,000 in 2019). Click here to learn more about Biosolids, what they are, how they are applied, and what concerns exist.

Connecting People, Resources and Knowledge

WSU Extension programs connect the people and communities of Island County with the knowledge base of Washington State University to promote quality of life and advance economic well-being through fostering inquiry, learning, and the application of research.

County Programs

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Island County Master Gardeners

Educational Garden at Greenbank Farm



Bird Deterrence Using An Unmanned Aerial System

(UAS, commonly referred to as Drones)

Washington State growers lose more than $80 million annually to bird damage in fruit crops such as cherries, grapes, apples, and blueberries. Conventional bird deterrence techniques, such as netting, auditory devices, visual devices, chemical application, falconry, and shooting are either costly, ineffective, or harmful to birds.

These articles present an approach using unmanned aerial system  to deter birds and minimize their damage to wine grapes.

Unmanned Aerial Systems for Mitigating Bird Damage in Wine Grapes

Bird Deterrence in a Vineyard Using an Unmanned Aerial System

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Island County 4-H Horse Leaders Meeting

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