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4-H Club, Family, School

Program Contact: 4-H Coordinator
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4-H Clubs

In Island County the primary way kids participate in 4-H is through clubs. In a club, youth from 5-19 are given the opportunity to run for office, practice leadership roles, raise and manage their club’s money, pitch in with community service efforts, go to the Island County Fair, and so much more.

Each club, with guidance from their adult leaders, determines how often they will meet, where and when they will meet, and how they organize their meetings.

When seeking a club to join, we recommend that you identify clubs that interest you, and visit their meetings, and then select the one(s) to apply for. Some clubs limit the number of members they accept at any given time, or establish a date after which they no long accept new members for the year. As with any group endeavor, it is important to make sure you feel comfortable with the group’s activities, personalities, and age levels.

To begin explore the current Island County 4-H clubs.

School Enrichment

WSU Extension has many resources that can support teachers in the classroom. Service Learning opportunities, in particular, can be energized via a wide range of connections WSU Extension can offer educators and their students. If you are interested in creating such an opportunity, please contact the 4-H Coordinator. We’ll contact you shortly with more information.


Still have questions?  phone at 360-639-6064.