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4-H Forms

Program Contact: Jackie Vannice, Interim Coordinator
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4-H Record Books

Your experience with 4-H record books will lead you through the process of setting goals, securing assistance in reaching those goals and recording your progress. You will gain skills such as organization, setting priorities, maintaining financial records. This can come in very handy when you begin completing job, college and scholarship applications.

How to make records books work for you:

  1. Carefully set SMART goals at the beginning of the 4-H Year.
  2. Actively use your record book EVERY month, taking notes, recording activities, and revisiting your goals.
  3. Assess your progress mid-year (March) and refine if necessary.
  4. Evaluate your accomplishments, and challenges at the end of your 4-H year.



Information for 4-H Volunteer Leaders & Parents

We value our volunteer leaders! Without you, there would be no 4-H Youth Development Program. To help support you as you provide safe, fun learning environments for our youth, we encourage you to take advantage of all of the resources the WSU Extension Office offers.

  • Each year, we offer a training workshop for leaders and encourage all to attend (whether you’ve been leading for 20 years, or are just starting).
  • Throughout the year, we want you to feel free to contact our office with questions, concerns, or ideas.
  • The WSU 4-H Volunteer website provides a wide variety of training modules, links to other programs, and descriptions of basic 4-H program elements for you to study at your own pace.
    Click here to go to training

Remember, you are never alone as a 4-H Leader! Here are some of the forms and documents you’ll need throughout the year.

Record Book- Clover Buds


Record Book 1


Record Book 2

331 kbytes


371 kbytes


510 kbytes

click here

click here

click here

Enrollment Fee Info 106 kbytes click here
  President’s Handbook 260 kbytes click here
Vice President’s Handbook 244 kbytes click here
Enrollment New Families 100 kbytes click here
Enrollment Returning Families 476 kbytes click here
4-H Fundraising Notice Form 88 kbytes click here
348 kbytes
  4-H Fundraising Report Form 196 kbytes click here
Leaders’ Council Funds Request Form 48 kbytes click here
Excellent Fund Request Form 28 kbytes click here
Is. Co. 4-H Scholarship Application 60 kbytes click here
Annual Financial Summary Form 56 kbytes click here
  End-of-Year Financials 16 kbytes click here
  Peer Review of the Books 304 kbytes click here
Property Inventory 60 kbytes click here
Add a credit card to 4honline 170 kbytes click here
Leaders’ Council By-laws Jan 2019 2.2 Mbytes click here
Is. Co. 4-H Horse Contest Guide 1.4 Mbytes click here
  Medal Patterns 848 kbytes click here
  Horse Certificate 848 kbytes click here