Vegetable Garden

Program Contact: Loren Imes
360-639-6059 •

In a small corner of the cottage garden, behind the espalier apple trees, is our Vegetable Garden. Here we have used a variety of structures to grow vegetables. Fun structures for vertical gardening allow for efficient use of space. Pumpkins, beans and lemon cucumbers grow here. Raised beds provide easy access.

Deer, bunnies, snails, and slugs are common predators in Island County vegetable gardens. In this garden, we use a variety of techniques to control these pests. We use odorous herbs around and in the garden beds. Plastic containers at the base of the plants allow them to grow above the snail, slug and bunny access points.

We use companion planting to enhance the growth of each vegetable.

For useful, and free, resources on vegetable gardening in our area, please visit the WSU Extension website.