Pond Garden


The pond at Greenbank Farm is fragile and the garden surrounding it must be environmentally friendly as well as visitor friendly. Considerations for plant selection include tolerance to wind, cold, and drought. In addition, care must be taken to select only non-invasive plants.

Strategies for managing challenging landscape characteristics include:

  • using plants around the pond that are wind-tolerant, drought-tolerant, and non-invasive to nearby wetlands;
  • using shrubs at the north end of the pond to discourage geese and dogs, and to provide safety for visitors; and
  • maintaining native grasses to protect the sides from the constant challenge of destabilization.

Special interest plants include Gunnera, Iris, Burning Bush, and Double-File Viburnum.

Garden art has been placed in and around the pond:

  • Blue Heron sculpture, by Gunter Reimnitz of Abraxas Crow Company in Port Townsend
  • Observer by Hank Nelson, a stone sculpture on the south side of the pond, made of Cascades gray granite
  • Rest and reflection benches built by Jerry Mercer

    The walking path around the east end of the pond features Golden Chain trees, Hypericum, and Ceanothus.