CLCP Cleanup Map Page

Keystone Spit Beach Entrances

Entrance A, Keystone West

This entrance is nearest Ft. Casey Campground.

Entrance B, Keystone East

This entrance is only labeled with a red arrow sign.

Map of Fort Casey
Ft. Casey entrance


Ebeys Landing is a parking entrance at the end of Ebeys Landing Rd.

map of ebeys landing

Entrance to Double Bluff

Parking is at the end of Double Bluff Rd. We meet there at the park entrance. Overfill parking is on the left along the side road.

map of double bluff

Entrance to Windjammer Park

Park entrance is on SW Beeksma Rd. We meet at the basketball courts.

map of windjammer park

Entrance to Joseph Whidbey

Enter through gate during the summer months.

Parking during the winter months is further down the road on the left.

map of joseph whidbey park

Dave Mackie Park/Maxwelton Beach

Map image with location icon.