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Training Page – Fall 2021

Program Contact: Sarah Bergquist, Interim Director
(360) 639-6062 •

Welcome to Waste Wise and Sustainability Education and Training Program.


Dates Topic  Agenda Resources Participant Notes  For Next Week – Deliverables
Week 1 October 5 Welcome and Orientation Introductions. Groundwork. World of Waste. Ecochallenge Competing for Your Trash: The Huge, Hidden Landfills of the Columbia River Gorge 

Week 1 – Welcome – 10.5.21

World of Waste – Fall 2021

Participant Notes- Week 1 October 5 Prior Knowledge Survey


Self and “What’s Your Why” Collage

Hopes and Barriers

Week 2 Waste, Energy, and Climate Change Climate Change PowerPoint

Waste and Climate Change Activity, wk2

Participant Notes, 10.12.21 Continue work on deliverables from week 1
Week 3 Zero Waste/Whats is Happening Outside our Sphere? The Pathways to Zero Waste

Sustainability Series Zero Waste Washington 10.19.21

Participant Notes, 10.19.21
Week 4 Natures Bounty and Natures Recycling Week 4 PowerPoint- 10.26.21

A convenient truth – Basic Composting

Participant Notes, 10.26.21 Gisela’s Survey and Permission Form

What’s Your Why? (if you haven’t already done this)

Food Waste Audit and Reflection

Week 5 Recycling RIght and the Problem with Plastic Week 5- 11.2.21 Recycling Right


Participant Notes, 11.2.21 Gisela’s Survey and Permission Form

What’s Your Why (if not yet completed)

Household Waste Audit and Reflection

Week 6 Recycling Beyond the Curb, Alternatives (HHW) and more Week-6-11.9.21-Recycling-Beyond-the-Curb-Program-Slides Participant Notes, 11.9.21
Week 7 Lighten your Footprint Christina Chi Sustainable Travel Presentation

Ting Chi Sustainable Apparel

Recording of Class

Small Works – Sarah Lazarovic

Participant Notes, 11.16.21 Carbon Footprint Calculation

Reflect on positive changes in waste, sustainability, etc.

Week 8 Communicating with your Community Carbon footprint activity Participant Notes, 11.30.21

The People's Ecochallenge