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Waste Wise Volunteer Training

Program Contact: Sarah Bergquist, Program Educator/Coordinator
360-639-6062 •

Start where you are. 

Use what you have. 

Do what you can.   

    – Arthur Ashe


Learn how you can make a difference, in not only the impact you have on the earth, but also in the impact that others have, by becoming a waste wiser!  In the Waste Wise training program you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of our global and local waste situation
  • Explore where our products come from, our natural resource use, and manufacturing responsibility
  • Learn what happens to our trash and recycling
  • Know how to recycle right and why it is so important
  • Learn ways to live with lower impact
  • Find out about food waste
  • Learn how to compost your kitchen and yard waste
  • Understand the dangers of household hazardous waste and how to dispose of it properly
  • Learn about and make alternative cleaning products
  • Get ideas for reducing and reusing
  • Be able to share your knowledge with others
  • and more

Waste Wise training offers approximately 35 hours of talks, lectures, hands-on activities and field trips.  During this time we will cover waste, recycling, composting, alternative cleaning, low impact living, smart shopping, and reducing, reusing, and up-cycling.

Waste Wise trainees standing before piles of unsorted recyclables at Cascade Recycling
2018-19 Waste Wise trainees at Cascade Recycling

Course Goals

Trainees will:

  • Develop basic understanding of the waste industry and market
  • Acquire tools to reduce their own consumption and impact
  • Be inspired to share this important knowledge with others

In return for the training, volunteers give 30 hours of time over a two year period in activities that support waste reduction and low impact outreach education.  Cost for Waste Wise training is $30, which helps to cover material costs.

2018 Waste Wise Training

Camano course will take place on the following Mondays:

2018: October 8, 15, 22, 29 with an optional field trip on Friday October 26.

Whidbey course will take place in February, 2019.