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It’s a partnership that has made the state of Washington one of the largest and most successful agriculture enterprises in the world. From the beginning, Washington farmers and Washington State University Extension have joined forces to bring the power of research-based information to bear to improve the productivity, efficiency, and safety of products coming from the state’s fields and pastures, orchards, processing plants, and vineyards and wineries.

WSU Extension educators are the critical link between science and research generated at Washington State University and the hands-on work of growing food, fuel, and fiber.

Because our educators are located in every county of the state, they ensure that new information is locally relevant and applicable. They test and translate research results into best practices that benefit the bottom line by increasing profits and cutting costs. Our educators also inform new research by sharing the challenges farmers face with the University’s scientists spawning new research leading to additional relevant solutions.

Washington State is the second most agriculturally diverse state in the union, growing everything from potatoes to peppermint, apples to azaleas, wine grapes to wheat. Agriculture is the state’s largest employer and the largest single sector of its economy. WSU Extension’s goal is to enhance economic opportunities for the state’s agricultural industries while ensuring that Washington’s precious natural resources are sustained and enhanced for future generations.