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Preserve Strawberries

Fresh strawberries are ready now!

It’s strawberry season!  You’ll find June-bearing and everbearing or day neutral berries now. When selecting berries, choose those that are full, dry, glossy, and have their green caps. Spread berries on a plate, then sort out those that are damaged or decayed, and cover loosely with wax paper before refrigerating. Handle berries as little as possible. Wash under cold water quickly and carefully, right before using.

Freeze berries soon after picking. To freeze whole berries, after washing, remove green tops, then place whole strawberries on a tray and freeze. When solid, pack into freezer bags or containers. Berries can also be sliced before packing and freezing. Strawberries retain their texture better when frozen in a pectin syrup than if frozen in water or juice.

Strawberries also make great freezer jam or cooked jam. Check out the following free WSU Extension Publications for more information:

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