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For Volunteers & Leaders

4-H members are helped by adult volunteer leaders. Every 4-H club has one or more adult leaders.

These volunteer leaders:

  • Help teach boys and girls.
  • Help organize the club.
  • Help officers and assist at meetings.
  • Inform parents about 4-H.

There are different kinds of 4-H leaders:

  • General Club Leader: The main club leader and organizer who works with general club meetings.
  • Project Leader: Works with members on their specific project work.
  • Activity Leader: Responsible for one or more activities. Some examples are recreation, record keeping, public presentations or community service activities.
  • Teen Leader: Works under the guidance of an adult. Helps with activities and events or helps members with their project work.

4-H Volunteers are valued by WSU Extension and the 4-H Youth Development Program. 4-H volunteers and extension staff work together as a team.

How Do I Become A 4-H Leader?

Call the 4-H office at your WSU Pacific County Extension at 360-875-9331 if you would like to start your own club. We will arrange an orientation meeting explaining 4-H guidelines and will give you the materials and publications needed for your new club.

All adult volunteer leaders need to fill out:

  1. A Washington State 4-H enrollment form.
  2.  A Volunteer Application which gives us permission to do a Washington State Patrol background check.
  3. A Volunteer Agreement form.
All adult leaders are required to attend Volunteer Leader Training by a 4-H agent. These classes are held throughout the 4-H year.