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4-H Projects

High Quality Positive Youth Development Programs

4-H has a long history of helping youth “learn by doing”. When youth are thoughtfully guided through the do-reflect-apply process, there is tremendous potential for positive youth development and growth. Trained 4-H volunteers facilitate the learning that occurs in non-formal settings like 4-H club meetings and activities.

Every 4-H member selects at least one project. A project is what the member decides to study about, make, or raise. Members choose projects that fit into their family, community, and the way they live. Sharing projects with parents brings 4-H into the family and the family into 4-H.

4-H members “learn by doing.” Young people, with guidance from adults, learn useful skills and how to live with people and serve their community and country by practicing these skills in real-life situations.

4-H Members Can Choose Projects in:
  • Animal Sciences: Dairy, Goat, Beef, Sheep, Llama, Swine, Equine, Poultry, Rabbit, Dog, Cat, Cavy, Veterinary Science and Self-Determined Animal Science.
  • Engineering & Technology: Aerospace, Bicycle, Computers, Small Engines, Wood Science, Snowmobiling and Selp-Determined Engineering and Technology.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Discovery Project, Outdoor Adventures, Science Discovery, EM Power Project, Forestry, Sportfishing, Shooting Sports and Self-Determined Environmental Stewardship.
  • Expressive Arts: Applied Arts, Photography, Performing Arts, and Self-Determined Expressive Arts.
  • Family Living: Beginning Family Living, Clothing & Construction, Knitting and Crochet, Foods and Nutrition, Bread Baking, Food Preservation, Foods of the Pacific Northwest, Consumer Education, and Self-Determined Family Living.
  • Interdisciplinary: Challenge Project, Portable Challenge and SERIES (Science Experience & Resources for Informal Education Settings).
  • Plant Science: Plant Science, Garden, Entomology, and Self-Determined Plant Science.
  • Social Sciences: Myself and Family, Citizenship, …And My World, Health, Leadership, Character Education, and Self-Determined Social Science.

Here are just a few of the other projects Pacific County offers:
Public Presentations

4-H members choose a subject and prepare a presentation which is presented to others. Members learn important public speaking and communication skills.

Record Keeping

4-H members keep a written record of what they have done during the 4-H year. Keeping records helps members evaluate their learning and develop business sense.

Community Service Projects

4-H Clubs plan and execute community service projects. 4-H clubs often choose projects in conservation, beautification, safety, or health.

County Contests and Events

Contests and fairs give 4-H members an opportunity to showcase their project and what they have learned throughout the year. The Pacific County Fair usually takes place during the third full week of August.

4-H Camps and Conferences

A variety of daytime and overnight experiences are available to choose from for both younger members and teens. Camps and conferences offer opportunities for education, leadership and personal growth.

Please contact the WSU Pacific County Extension office to learn more about the projects offered throughout the county. 

For more information on state-wide projects, head over to the Washington State 4-H website.