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For Youth

We are so excited that you want to get involved with Pacific County 4-H! 4-H is working hard to provide YOU with countless opportunities to build you into the leaders of tomorrow. Whether your interests lie with agriculture, science, public speaking, cooking, livestock, robotics, leadership, or anywhere in between; Pacific County 4-H has something for you!

Hands holding plant with the words I pledge my head to larger service

After School Programs and Community Connections

The 4-H Youth Development program not only reaches youth through the traditional club program and at Camp Morehead, but it is also involved in collaborative programming with local school and Timberland Library staff. These programs provide youth with a variety of new educational experiences.

Timberland Library programs held in conjunction with 4-H, increases the visibility of both programs and exposes new youth to the 4-H program. Programs held during 2006 included poultry presentations, horseless horse program, garden craft make and take, and a four session program for new sitters.

Other Ways to Get Involved
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American and 4-H flag on pole at camp