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4-H Sewing Volunteers

Are You Interested in Joining our Quilting and Clothing Advisors?

quilters1Who can Apply?

If you have a desire to share your knowledge with others, want to further your personal educational goals, have a knowledge of basic quilting or sewing skills and are available for all training sessions, this program is for you.

What will I learn?

You will be trained in quilting, textiles, communications skills and 4-H leadership.

How much time do I have to volunteer back to the program?

For the thirty hours of training we expect sixty hours of volunteer service in the first year, thirty hours each year there after.

How do I join?

To be notified of future training, call or email your WSU Extension Office staff and let them know you are interested. They will contact you when a new class is forming.

What could I do to volunteer?

  • Help with 4-H sewing clubs.Quilting materials
  • Teach at weekend sewing clinics.
  • Lead after school textile programs.
  • Support summer sewing and quilt camps.
  • Serve as a community resource for agencies, churches, schools, etc.
  • Organize a county fair quilting demonstration or judging contests.