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Starting a 4-H Club

A 4-H Club:

  • Is an organized group of youth.
  • Has a planned program that is ongoing throughout all or most of the year.
  • Is advised by adult staff or volunteers.
  • Typically elects officers.
  • May meet in any location.
  • Includes opportunities to learn skills through a wide variety of project experiences.
  • Offers opportunities for leadership, citizenship/community service, and public speaking.

Steps in Establishing a 4-H Club

  1. Contact the WSU Pacific County Extension office at 360-875-9331.
  2. Become a leader by attending 4-H volunteer/leader training.
  3. Obtain county and state 4-H policies and guidelines.
  4. Assess youth, parent and community needs and interests.
  5. Recruit potential club members.
  6. Conduct an organizational meeting.
  7. Recruit project leaders and distribute curricula.
  8. Complete and submit enrollment and other appropriate reports.
  9. Assist with club by-laws preparation.

How Do We Recruit 4-H Members?
How Many Should We Have?

4-H clubs should have at least five members from 3 or more families. Some suggest that 6 to 10 members per adult leader is an optimum number. Limit your first group to a number with which you and your co-leaders feel comfortable!

Recruiting members is seldom hard to do. Start with a contact to your county Extension staff for names and ideas. You may find it helpful to recruit other adults to help with club leadership. Interested parents, 4-H alumni, or friends often are willing to help. This gives the leader much-needed assistance and provides continuity for club meetings. An older and experienced teen member can help to teach younger members and lead activities.

Remember that 4-H must be available to all people equally without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability.

How Do I Enroll My Members?

Washington State University Pacific County Extension uses 4HOnline for enrollment, please contact us for more information. All 4-H members must re-enroll every year. Enrollment begins on October 1 of each year.