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Master Gardener Program

The Master Gardener Foundation of Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties is a non-profit organization staffed 100% by volunteers.  Our volunteers are trained by Washington State University Extension faculty and volunteers to provide science-based gardening information to gardeners.

Public education is our primary objective. We host plant diagnostic clinics in both Grays Harbor and Pacific County communities throughout the growing season. In addition to maintaining several demonstration garden areas, we also teach sound gardening techniques at workshops and work with youth in 4-H and in the classroom.

Master Gardener Projects Include:


The Master Gardener Volunteer Program

The WSU Extension Master Gardener program began in Washington State when a King County agent realized that a group of well-trained volunteers could be of enormous assistance in promoting best gardening practices and answering homeowner’s gardening questions. Since then, the program which is committed to fostering the enjoyment of home gardening through education has spread to nearly every state as well as other countries.

While this program offers gardeners opportunities to gain personal knowledge in a variety of different gardening subjects, the focus is to develop community educators. Once training is completed, Master Gardener volunteers help deliver information related to sustainable gardening, composting, landscaping, plant disease management and insect identification and control.

Master Gardener training is held on a biennial basis for Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties and is offered in the “even” years. The training covers 24 topics from the basics of botany and soils to the complexities of entomology and plant disease recognition. The training consists of two parts – online modules through WSU Extension and local hands-on classes. The majority of the local classes are held in the Aberdeen area.

For more information about the next Master Gardener volunteer training contact the Pacific County WSU Extension office at 360-875-9331.


Requests for reasonable accommodation need to be made two weeks prior to the program. Please make all requests to Pacific County Extension at 360-875-9331. Cooperating agencies: Washington State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Pacific County. Extension programs and employment are available to all without discrimination. Evidence of noncompliance may e reported through your local Extension office.