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Forestry & Range

Program Contact: Kevin Zobrist, Associate Professor, Extension Forestry
(425) 357-6017 •

Pacific County Forestry PhotoCommercial Forestry and Family & Small Acreage Forestry

Forest and Woodlot Management

WSU Extension provides landowners with technical assistance and education programs to improve timber production on their property. This information is especially helpful for the small acreage timber producer who has questions regarding effectively managing his forest resources or questions on regulatory issues. The quality and value of the timber can be increased through technical assistance which addresses slope stability, risk evaluation of damaged trees, etc.

Forest Stewardship

Private forestland owners learn practical approaches to managing their timber through the Forestry Stewardship Coached Planning program which is coordinated through the staff of:

ForestryWood Products

Although the massive old-growth trees are mostly long-gone, this remains one of the world’s best places to grow trees. In fact, foresters note that the rich volcanic soils, hospitable climate and ample rainfall of Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon are uniquely suited to growing the highest-quality fine-grained Douglas fir, fine-grained red cedar and hardwoods such as maple and alder.

Just as some of these species await the fall of a giant tree to open up a space for their own growth, a profusion of small companies and landowners are looking for new opportunities now that Weyerhaeuser doesn’t cast such a long shadow.