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  • Soil Testing: A Guide for Farms with Diverse Vegetable Crops
    Soil analysis can guide farmers and gardeners in soil management decisions. Soil sampling allows the grower to track and evaluate practices, such as soil amendment and cover cropping. This fact sheet presents a comprehensive and affordable protocol for annual soil-testing for farms with diverse vegetable crops, including when, where, and how to sample and how to use sample results to improve farm management.

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Join the San Juan County Farm and Food Listserve to stay up to date on developments related to local food and farming. Listserve member information remains confidential, and listserve communications are restricted to the business of ag.

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Your go-to site for all things ag in San Juan County! Visit for a guide to local farm products, for links to ag-related organizations and farmers markets, for maps of the islands with farm locations, for farmer forums and more!

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