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4-H Teen Leadership

Program Contact: Wendy Waxman, 4-H Program Coordinator
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See what we are up to in San Juan County: 4-H Teen Leadership Summit Impact Report
Our 4-H Teen Leadership program offers many opportunities for San Juan County teens to gain leadership skills they can apply in school, at home, and with their friends. Local, state, national and international activities are available, with scholarships to support participation. Annually, teens may participate in the following educational events:

    • NW Teen Rally: a weekend camp hosted by a different NW county each year.
    • NW Regional Teen Summit at Camp Orkila on Orcas Island, WA, on May 4 – 5, 2019
    • Know Your Government: a 3-day event in Olympia, focusing on a different governmental topic each year.
    • National Conference: a week-long leadership event held in Chevy Chase, MD at the National 4-H Center. Here is a glimpse of National Conference 2016:



  • State Teen Leadership Conference: a weekend training event for both adult and teen leaders, held in a different county each year.
  • Western Leader Forum: a weekend training event for adult and teen leaders, held in a different county each year.
  • International Exchange: LABO, UTREK, and LEX are three separate programs with common elements of cultural awareness, homestay experiences, environmental camps and language educations. Educational experiences with the cultures of Japan, Canada, China, South Korea, and New Zealand are available.
  • National Congress: a week-long leadership event held in Atlanta Georgia

In addition, teens can take on leadership roles to represent their San Juan County 4-H peers. Teens can choose to be trained as:

  • County Teen Representatives (CTR) and then take on a leadership role within San Juan County to help coordinate 4-H activities and support their peers.
  • State Ambassadors and then represent San Juan County 4-Hers at state events; bringing back new ideas for our local activities.

Become a State 4-H Advisory Board Member

The Washington State 4-H Advisory Board is looking for teens to fill positions. Terms are 1 year and are available in all districts. Find out more at

Questions? Call Erin Hightower at 509-366-0903