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4-H Auction for Buyers

Program Contact: San Juan County 4-H Program
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The 4-H Still Life and Livestock Auctions - August 17, 2024

Come and support our 4-H members by purchasing some of their work! Both auctions take place on Saturday, August 17th. See you there!

2024 Still Life Auction


We will once more be holding our Still Life Auction at the San Juan County Fair!


Come by the Marie Boe Building throughout the week to scope out the goods on sale. The still life auction will take place there on Saturday, August 17th, from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm.

Support our members by purchasing one of their handmade items. In previous years, entries included apple pie, fruit preserves, felted gnomes, potted plants, and photography. There is something for everyone!

4-H members receive 100% of the proceeds from their sale.

2024 Livestock Auction

It’s time again for the 4-H Livestock Auction. 
Registration for buyers is at the 4-H Livestock Arena from 12:00 – 1:00 pm on Saturday, August 17th. The auction begins at 1:00 PM, when you get to see the livestock up close. Seating is limited so come early.

There will be poultry, hogs, lambs, steers, goats, and dozens of fresh eggs for sale this year.

This is a great opportunity to support our local 4-H livestock members for their hard work and achievement while purchasing quality products for your table!

Buyer’s Responsibilities:

  1. Anyone wanting to purchase any of the market animals may do so by oral bid or proxy.
  2. All sales are final.
  3. This is a terminal auction for all animals sold at San Juan County 4-H Livestock Market Animal Auction. If a buyer does not want the animal to be terminated, the buyer must request an exception in writing from the LMAAC Chairperson by 5pm the day of the auction and sale for approval. Note exception for pullet and egg purchases under seller’s responsibilities 6.
  4. All animals sold at auction will go to a designated USDA approved slaughter facility. When a buyer requests the animal be processed for his own use, he/she takes possession of the processed carcass at the packinghouse. The cost of slaughter, processing and wrapping is the buyer’s responsibility. If a buyer does not want the animal to be slaughtered, the buyer must request an exception from the LMAAC. Chairperson for approval. Exception for pullets (laying hens and ducks).
  5. Buyers may indicate at the time of purchase that they wish to “turn back” the purchased animal. The turned back animal will then be resold automatically at the Turn Back Auction at the end of the livestock auction. In this case, the buyer pays the full bid amount for the animal. The turn back buyer pays the Turn Back Auction bid amount for the animal. In the event that the Turn Back Auction bid price is higher that the “Auction” price, the seller will receive the greater of the two bid amounts.
  6. Proceeds from the Turn Back Auction and any late payment fees will be deposited in the 4-H LMAAC Fund and used to support the cost of auction, hauling, slaughter, delivery, SJC 4-H member scholarships, market animal showmanship grooming equipment & supplies, youth recognition & awards, barn tools, auction supplies & equipment, market animal auction educational materials, stalls/panels equipment, advertising & marketing and auction promotion and any other uses approved by the LMAAC.
  7. All buyers should pre-register and receive a bidding number prior to auction.

Thank you for supporting 4-H youth at the 2023 Still Life and Livestock Auctions! We appreciate you!