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Past Fairs

That’s a wrap on the 2020 San Juan County Fair!

Thank you to everyone who participated in and supported our first 4-H Virtual Showcase!
And a heartfelt “thank you” to all of you who supported youth projects and contributed to the 4-H Livestock and Still Life auctions!



Headline for Virtual Barn Walk

In 2020, 48 youth participated in the fair, and they submitted 379 entries! Take a walk through the 2020 barn by clicking the links below to see the projects and prize-winners. Please note that due to family privacy concerns, not all projects are posted.

Items from the 2020 4-H Auctions

Animal Projects

Pullet Trios

3 white pullet chickens. 3 speckled hens held by a white person wearing an orange shirt.

Three black hens in grass. Boy holding three live chickens.

Girl holding three chickens. Younger boy holding three chickens


Black cow pictured sideways


lamb facing away from camera


Many dozens of eggs available from different islands!

one dozen eggs in a carton


pig facing the camera.

black pig facing the camera

Black and pink pick facing sideways

pink pig facing the camera

Please note that due to family privacy concerns, not all projects are posted.

Still Life Projects

Siena T.


Original Poem Grass.

Moose K.

Terra Cotta planter with grasses coming out the top and two purple flowers coming out the side.

1 quart bag of compost in a ziploc bag.

Anwyn T.

Photo of the WA State Capitol building reflecting in water.

Metal planter with lots of different succulents, rocks and a bearded gnome wearing a red hat and blue jacket.

3 felted gnomes with multicolored hats and painted orange, green, and blue shirts.

Wren O.


Strawberry rhubarb jam in a small jelly jar on a wood table with plants in the background.

Potholder with orange and red art face and geometric patten fabric.

Roan O.


Small jar of applesauce.

Small jar blueberry jam.

Alpaca scarf which is apple green on one side and fuchsia pink on the other.

Seffa H.


Blue leather bracelet on a white person's wrist

Small baby doll made of wood and wool.

Soli H.


Hailey K.

Matted photograph of a sunset on the water with a boat.

Matted photograph of a Montana wheat field at twilight.

Abstract acrylic painting with blues, whites, grays

Nisha W.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Elian B.

Apple pie with one slice put on a separate plate.

2020 4-H Awards


Pierre Franklin 4-H Award of Merit Lydia Downs

Keys Family Fund 4-H Award of Merit Adam Bates

Harald Kjargaard Memorial Award Martha Lum

San Juan County 4-H Leaders Council Leadership Award Anwyn Thompson

2020 Overall High Point at the Virtual Fair Moose K.

Olympic Medal Style for most entries in the Virtual Fair:

Gold with 58 entries Danielle Arnott

Silver with 52 entries Moose K.

Bronze with 51 entries Hailey King

Club with the most entries (137) Lopez Island

High Point in the Food Departments Danielle Arnott

High Point in Arts Departments Moose K.

High Point in Photography Danielle Arnott

High Point in Horticulture Danielle Arnott

Most showmanship classes Moose K.

Intermediate Rabbit Showmanship Joseph Stephens

Senior Rabbit Showmanship Moose K.

Junior Cavy Showmanship Wren O.

Intermediate Cavy Showmanship Joseph Stephens

Senior Cavy Showmanship Roan O.

Junior Poultry Showmanship Wren O.

Intermediate Poultry Showmanship Siena Traynor

Senior Poultry Showmanship Moose K.

Intermediate Dog Fitting and Showing Hailey King

Senior Dog Fitting and Showing Moose K.

Intermediate Cat Showmanship Betty Burt

Senior Cat Showmanship Moose K.

Intermediate Dairy Cattle Showmanship Betty Burt

Intermediate Beef Cattle Showmanship Siena Traynor

Senior Beef Cattle Showmanship Moose K.

Junior Sheep Showmanship Nick Roberson

Intermediate Sheep Showmanship Betty Burt

Senior Sheep Showmanship Amelia Eltinge

Intermediate Swine Showmanship Danielle Arnott

Senior Swine Showmanship Isaac Shaw

Intermediate Small Goat Showmanship Aiden Willis

Intermediate Large Goat Showmanship Kalea Wilgress

Intermediate Large Dairy Goat Showmanship Siena Traynor

Grand Champion Pullet Production Layers Moose K.

Grand Champion Alternative Market Beef Martha Lum

Grand Champion Market Lamb Betty Burt

Grand Champion Market Hog Isaac Shaw