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4-H Volunteer Resources

Program Contact: San Juan County 4-H Program
360-370-7662 •

Become a Certified 4-H Volunteer

Make a lasting positive impact on a young person’s life and become a 4-H volunteer!

Have you ever thought of sharing your talents with our local youth? If you have a hobby or interest that you enjoy, more than likely there will be a child who can learn from you. You don’t have to be an expert on a topic, because the “Learn by Doing” philosophy of 4-H is applicable to children as well as the adults who lead. If you enjoy working with youth, 4-H needs you. Experience with 4-H is not necessary to become a volunteer.

In addition to your passion for positive youth development, we ask that you:

  • Complete an initial application and a phone interview
  • Complete a national background check
  • Complete initial online training about child protection and the 4-H program
  • Sign up on 4HOnline, our online database
  • Log your volunteer hours on our online volunteer hour database

Some examples of 4-H volunteers are:

Please call the 4-H Program Coordinator, at 360-370-7662 to learn more about volunteering opportunities.

Apply to be a 4-H Volunteer

Become a 4-H Collaborator

4-H Collaborators work or volunteer for other agencies and partner with the WSU 4-H Youth Development Program to utilize 4-H programs and/or curricula in their programs. They are expected to provide appropriate reporting and updates to their supervising WSU Extension 4-H faculty. Generally, these types of volunteers participate in school enrichment, military programs, or other special programs. These volunteers are not Certified 4-H Volunteers and do not enroll in the 4-H Online Enrollment System.

San Juan County 4-H has been honored to collaborate with the San Juan County Economic Development Council, San Juan County Prevention Coalition, San Juan Island Library, and Hailey Averna of West Beach Farm, Orcas Island.

We welcome your partnership! Please contact the 4-H coordinator at 360-370-7662 if you would like to explore how best to partner with 4-H in San Juan County.

Access to WSU 4-H Volunteer Training Modules

4-H Leaders Council in San Juan County

The basic purpose of the volunteers who serve on 4-H Leaders’ Councils is to meet the educational needs of the enrolled youth. They must determine what those needs are and how to best deliver programs to meet those needs. Throughout the state, volunteers work in partnership with Extension professionals to develop programs that best serve the changing needs of youth in their county or area.

In each county an Extension professional is ultimately responsible for the 4-H program. Consequently, all work and decisions of the 4-H Leaders’ Councils are advisory to the 4-H professional.

If you are a 4-H Volunteer, Family 4-H leader or 4-H member, Council is important to YOU!

All 4-H leaders, parents, members (especially teens) are welcome to attend Leaders’ Council meetings. Please encourage at least one leader, teen, or parent to represent your group (Club, Family or Special Interest Program) at Leaders Council meetings! It doesn’t have to be the same person each time!

The Leaders Councils’ exists to help guide the local 4-H program efforts. The San Juan County 4-H Leaders’ Councils:

  • provide financial help to teens and leaders to attend conferences, workshops, training, and forums
  • manages the local 4-H Scholarship (EAS) program and awards (i.e. trophies, ribbons and County specific awards)
  • provide input to Extension professional and local Fair Boards (San Juan County Fair) and can receive information from the Fair Boards to share back with leaders
  • oversee and support (with help from the Extension Office) the Council sub-committees such as Large Market Animal Auction Committee (LMAAC), Horse Leaders, Know Your Government, actions committees, or county 4-H events, awards or achievement programs, State Fair participation, etc.
  • approve and forward suggestions as an advisory group for 4-H policy changes to the WA State 4-H Leaders Council.

For more information on 4-H Roles and Responsibilities, please read: The Organizational Structure of the Washington State University 2.28.24

Mandatory 4-H Volunteer Requirement: Reporting Hours on GivePulse


PRESENTATION GivePulse Account and Log Volunteer Hours – Presentation: Directions on how to claim your account. This is a State requirement for all 4-H Volunteers.