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Master Gardener Resource Page

Program Contact: Caitlin Blethen, Master Gardener Program Coordinator
(360) 370-7663 •

Volunteers, this page is just for you!

WSU Master Gardener Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer hours

Why Do Volunteers Need to Report Hours in This System?

We at WSU Extension could not have an educational impact in local communities without the work done by volunteers. For this we thank you very much! So why do we ask you to do even more for us and report the details of your work? Well, both WSU and the State of Washington look after the well-being of volunteers by requiring workers’ compensation insurance for every volunteer. This pays for medical treatment in the event that you are injured while working as a volunteer. Washington State law requires that all volunteers working in support of WSU programs are covered by worker compensation insurance. Volunteers, please remember to keep your volunteer hours updated by logging hours monthly. Logging your hours ensures that you are covered by WSU’s liability insurance while you are doing volunteer work.


Log in at:

Do NOT use the WSU log-in, chose “Click for more options” written in light colored font below the WSU log-in. Once you click that, enter your email and password.

Once you are logged-in:

Go to the upper right-hand corner of the page where you’ll see “Hi your name”

Click the down arrow and choose “Add Impact” on the drop-down menu

Select “My Groups” below the search bar

Select “WSU San Juan County Master Gardeners

On the next screen underneath the WSU SJCMG logo, click on the down arrow below ‘Did you attend a listed event or volunteer opportunity’ and select the program category for your hours

Fill out:


Start Time/End Time*

*NOTE: To enter ‘bulk hours’ and to decrease data entry: Beside the word ‘Date’ you will see the words ‘Date’ and ‘Time’ with either  + or  -.   Click on those two words until they both have a + next to them.  That will allow you to enter only the Date and number of hours, without entering start time, stop time and start date, end date.

Program category (Program Support, Continuing Education, etc.)

Program Priorities (Climate Change, Soils, Local Food, etc) if it applies

Ignore Demographics (for now)

Scroll to the bottom of the page and chick “Add Impact


If entering another impact, you may start over, or you can save several steps by clicking on the ‘Continue to Add Impacts to WSU San Juan County Master Gardeners or Another Group’ at the top of the screen.

Project & Activities

Event tracking form. Please use this form for all community events and outreach, and return to the program coordinator.

2022 Event and Tabling Tracking form

Demographic Collection:

Collection form for clients Two sided half sheet form to print and have at community events and outreach

Diagnostic Clinic Resources:

2022 Clinic Workflow 

2022 MG Clinic Log  please enter your client responses to any gardening or diagnostic question on this form. If you need help, email the program coordinator.

2021 MG Clinic Log