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Spokane County 4-H Horse Projects

What is the 4-H Horse Project?

Annual Events: What HORSE stuff can you do in our 4-H Horse Program?

How to join 4-H Horse Project?

4 Easy Steps:
  1. Click on 4-H Club Contact List
  2. Call/email leader
  3. Go to a monthly club meeting
  4. Complete online enrollment with club leader. 4-H is FREE!

More questions: Call 509—477-2165 or or Visit our office WSU Spokane County Extension 222 N. Havana St. Spokane WA 99202

4-H Year End Award Forms Due 2ndTuesday in October by 7pm

4-H Horse Forms

4-H Horse Policy & Rules

4-H Working Ranch Horse Program

4-H Horse Financial Forms and Rules

Equine Publications

Spokane County 4-H Horse Record Books

New Record Book policy: Members must turn in an up-to-date record book by the 2nd Tuesday in October to qualify for year end awards. An up-to-date record book will also be required to qualify for high point at Spokane County 4-H Horse Shows.

4-H Impromptu, Presentation, NEW Equine Presentation Resources

WA State Horse Bowl Contest Rules

WA State Hippology Contest Rules

WA State Groom Squad Contest Rules

WA State Horse Judging Manual

NEW Equine Demonstration and Public Speaking Contests

Want to be a volunteer?

Contact 4-H: Kate McCloskey 509-477-2165

4-H Horse Events for 2018
June 8-10th 4-H Horse Show #1 Spokane County Fair Grounds
June 24-29th 4-H Happy Trails Horse Camp at Four Mound Bison Ranch
July 13-15th 4-H Horse Show #2 Spokane County Fair Grounds
July 19-22 4-H South Horse Camp Spokane County Fair Grounds
August 16-19 4-H Working Ranch Horse Camp Davenport WA


Working Ranch Horse Materials NAE4-HA 2015
Calendar of Events
Horse Project Meeting Minutes