Food Preservation

Program Contact: Anna Kestell, Food Preservation/Safety Education Coordinator
(509) 477-2195 •

Food Preservation Hotline 509-477-2195

1/4 pint jars of raspberry jelly
1/4 pint jars of raspberry jelly

An educator can answer your questions about food safety and food preservation.

Office hours are:
Monday – Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

During the growing and harvesting season, many foods are in abundance. Home food preservation can help make fruits & vegetables — and your food budget — last longer. Contact us before getting started to review your plan and confirm that you are using a safe, effective technique for preserving your garden or market produce.

Classes & Workshops

2018 Food Preservation and Safety public library series will begin in April. Check the dates and locations on our events calendar.

2018 Food Preservation Classes

May 9: Jelly and Jam (5:30-7:30pm)
May 12:  Jelly and Jam (1-3pm)
May 23: Canning and Freezing Fruit (5:30-7:30pm)
May 26: Canning and Freezing Fruit (1-3pm)
Aug 4: Pressure Canning Basics (1-3pm)
Aug 8: Pressure Canning Basics (5:30-7:30pm)
Aug 11: Tomato & Salsa (1-3pm)
Aug 15: Tomato & Salsa (5:30-7:30pm)
Aug 18: Making Sauerkraut (1-3pm) 
Aug 22: Making Sauerkraut (5:30-7:30pm)
Aug 25: Pickling (1-3pm)
Aug 29: Pickling (5:30-7:30pm)

Prepare to Preserve Series

A series of five lessons for the in-home consumer who wants to learn about food preservation and food safety. The next class series will be offered in Fall of 2018.

  1. Introduction to Home Food Preservation
  2. Causes and Prevention of Food-borne Illness
  3. Spoilage and Canning Basics
  4. Preserving Naturally Acid Foods
  5. Preserving Low Acid Foods

Classes by Request

If there is a topic that would be of interest to you and you have five or more people in your group, please contact me.

Public Demonstrations

I am available to share canning information at libraries, festivals, and other public events. Fees for those services vary. I am currently booking dates for Spring 2018. If you are interested in booking me for an event, please drop me a note at for more information or to inquire about pricing and availability.

Canning and Preservation Publications

Pressure Gauge Testing

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Contact our Food Preservation Educator

Anna Kestell
Food Preservation/Safety
(509) 477-2195


National Center for Home Food Preservation

farmer market stand with fruit

Buy, use, and preserve fresh, local produce!

Farmers Markets

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