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Horse Program

Program Contact: Jennifer Leach, 4-H Youth Development Faculty
360-577-3014 x 4 •

Horse Disease/ Vaccination Information

Prevent COVID in Equestrian Facilities 

Plea for 4-H Horse Project Youth to Vaccinate for Equine Influenza


Cowlitz County 4-H Horse Policy Book

Washington State 4-H Disciplined Rail Rules
Disciplined rail is a class that tests the skills of both the horse and rider, as they execute specific gaits, transitions, and/or movements as requested by the judge.

Horse Certificate 

Reminder that horse certificates are due May 1st, 2022 and can be returned to the Extension office several ways:

  1. Mail to 304 Cowlitz Way, Kelso, WA 98626
  2. 2. Fax to 360.423.9986
  3. 3. Scan to Jennifer Leach at

At this time–there is not a drop off option.

PNW 4-H Horse Contest Guide

Horse Program Policy for Enrollment

and Horse Certificates

Basic Skills Checklist 

Driving Skills Checklist

Skills Checklist Process

Skills Checklist PUBS

Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences 

Outside Activity Release Form

Ring of Honor Nomination Form

Barn Rules

Show Schedule

4-H Horse Advancement Program Leader Guide

Top five tips to maximizing the life of your horse tack and equipment – Horses




A picture in black and white of a horse's head.

Horse Program Meeting Minutes and Agendas


April Agenda

March Meeting Minutes 


January- minutes coming soon


December- No Meeting

November- No Meeting

October- No Meeting

September- No Meeting

August- No Meeting

July- No Meeting

May- No Meeting

April Meeting Minutes 

March- No Meeting

February Meeting Minutes


July Agenda

July Meeting Minutes

June Agenda

June Meeting Minutes

May Agenda 

May Meeting Minutes

April Agenda

April Meeting Minutes

March Agenda

March Meeting Minutes

February Agenda

February Meeting Minutes

January Agenda

January Meeting Minutes


October Agenda

October Meeting Minutes

November Agenda

November Meeting Minutes

December Agenda

December Meeting Minutes

Jennifer Leach with a horse.