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4-H State Fair

Program Contact: Jennifer Leach, 4-H Youth Development Faculty
360-577-3014 x 4 •
The WA State 4-H Youth Development Program is issuing an emergency rule change to our WA State 4-H Policy while 4-H youth and adults participate in activities and events at the WA State Fair, effective immediately. Masks must be worn while on the WA State Fairgrounds, both indoors and outdoors, and also while competing in events. This pertains to all project competitions, including archery and equine.

This is in response to the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department health order, issued on August 31, 2021, requiring masks be worn throughout the WA State Fair, both indoors and outdoors.

Washington State 4-H Fair Update From Fair Manager Tom Gwin


The Washington State Fair will take place September 3 through 26 in Puyallup with a full face-to-face fair.  My direction from fair administration is that we will proceed with a livestock schedule similar to 2019.  The 4-H Fair Board has agreed and will proceed accordingly.  A tentative schedule of activities/events for this year’s fair can be found by clicking HERE.

NEW! The 4-H Fair Exhibitor Guide is now available by clicking HERE!

Any errors or revisions will be shared via 4-H talk and Tuesday News.

There are several changes this year:

— The dormitories will not be available

— Kitchen activities will be virtual

— Juniors will be eligible for participation in all judging contests

— County qualifying is not required this year, however we are limited in many animal project areas by available space and time

— Counties are still responsible for determining who will represent their county at the state 4-H fair

Information on allocations was sent last week.  Next up will be the revision of the exhibitor letter and forms. That info will be sent as it is revised.

We will have a virtual option for public presentations.  Information on that class will be forthcoming soon.