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 The newsletter contains highlights and articles from each of the wonderful departments in the Cowlitz County Extension Office.

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Extension Educator September 2021

  • WSU Ext. Landscaping plan
  • Drought- Tolerant landscaping for Summer- Dry Climates
  • Evergreen Needles Don’t Last Forever

Extension Educator May 2021 

  • Mark your calendars!
  • Attracting Beneficial Insects to your garden
  • time to work ‘on’ your business
  • Over mulching a national plague

Extension Educator October 2020

  • It’s Time to Fertilize and Apply Lime to the Lawn

Extension Educator September 2020

  • Most Plants Can Use a Drink
  • Parenting Resources- Creating a daily schedule
  • Time to Pay Attention to Change

Extension Educator July 2020

  • Highlands Community Garden and Produce Sharing Pantry
  • The Incredible Years School Age Basic Parenting Program
  • Re-Opening Your Business:  Just Cuz You CAN – Should You?
  • Over Mulching a National Plague
  • Master Gardener  Online Workshops

Extension Educator March 2020

  • Improve growing conditions with raised beds

Extension Educator May 2019

  • When Mowing Remember the “1/3 rule”
  • # Easy Tips for Creating Effective Social Media Content

Extension Educator Spring 2019

  • A Couple of Ideas for the New Year
  • How will i know when my garden soil is dry enough for planting?
  • Free Garden Workshops
  • Plant Sale and Tomatopalooza

Extension Educator Winter 2018

  • Lichens Thrive During Our Cool, Cloudy, Wet Winter Months
  • The Three (and Only Three) Ways Retail Businesses Can Grow

Extension Educator Fall 2018

  • End of the Season care for Berries
  • Is it an ant or termite? How can we tell?
  • Planning your exit (getting out of your business)
  • Tomatoes and Summer Squash Usually Clobbered by First Frost

Extension Educator Summer 2018

  • Have a Food Safe Summer
  •  How to Get BIG Profit from Small Changes

Extension Educator Summer 2017

  • It’s Time to Prune the Rhodys!
  • Bug Bytes – Flea Beatles

Extension Educator Winter 2015

  • Nutrition and Fitness for your Child
  • Best Business Practices

Extension Educator Fall 2015

  • Back to School
  • Food Safety Tips for Parents and Caregivers
  • Life’s a Picnic for Yellow Jackets

Extension Educator Summer 2015

  • Over Mulching a National Plague
  • Revolution in Business is Social Media Marketing
  • Burundi 4-H Sister Schools

Extension Educator Spring 2015

  • How Economical is that Vegetable Garden
  • WSU Strengthening Families Programs

Extension Educator December 2014

  • Buying or Selling your Business
  • Tips for Keeping the Christmas tree Green

Extension Educator August 2014

  • A little bit of everything

Extension Educator March 2014

  • ABC’s of Business

Extension Educator November 2013