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4-H International Programs

Program Contact: Jennifer Leach, 4-H Youth Development Faculty
360-577-3014 x 4 •

4-H International Exchange Program Begins Recruitment for Summer 2022 Season  


The States’ 4-H International Exchange Program is beginning the new Outbound recruitment season for summer 2022, and they have partnered with seven amazing countries (Argentina, Costa Rica, Japan, Korea, Norway, Romania, and Taiwan), who are ready to share their homes and culture with our youth! After the lull in 2020 and 2021, with delegates unable to travel due to the pandemic, States’ 4-H is hopeful the summer of 2022 will be a dynamic and immersive experience for all.

A general flyer describing the program with country information can be found by clicking HERE. An information sheet with dates and program cost breakdowns can be found by clicking HERE. Families can apply directly for the Outbound Program from the following link: . This link can also be found on the Outbound Program Information and cost PDF documents.

Informative flyers Have been created for each host country. Contact your County Extension 4-H office, or International Exchange Coordinator Sadie Williams at for more information.

The vaccination policy for States’ Exchange is posted below. This policy is ever changing and fluid, which means it could be updated at any time:

States’ 4-H strongly recommends that all students and chaperones receive vaccinations, but that at this time COVID vaccinations are not required by States’ 4-H. However, this policy could change in the future and either States’ 4-H, airlines, or international partners may require vaccines to travel/participate in the future.

  • Coronavirus health and safety guidelines will continue to evolve throughout the year, and are subject to local, state, and national health policies and restrictions
  • We are having ongoing discussions with international partners to establish COVID-19 policies and procedures that prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of our travelers throughout their international exchange. These full guidelines will be shared later this Fall. 
  • States’ 4-H follows travel guidelines and recommendations issued by the Center for Disease control and U.S. Department of State.

States’ 4-H International will also be hosting students through the summer Inbound Program. Information and flyers regarding the Inbound Programs will be shared soon for any families interested in hosting an exchange student.

The States’ 4-H Exchange Page with more information can be found here: States’ 4-H International Exchange Programs (

We hope this will be a very exciting summer where travel will again be a safe and fun experience!