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Strengthening Families Program

Program Contact: Ramona Leber WSU Parenting Coordinator
360-261-3971 •

The Strengthening Families (SFP) Program for Parents and Youth 10-14 Years

SFP is a nationally recognized curriculum that provides parent, youth and family education. The model is designed to be delivered in local communities for groups of 7-12 families. Educational programs that bring parents and their children together in learning environments strengthen entire families.

Cowlitz County families have been participating in the program since 2002.  SFP is an evidence based program proven to reduce substance abuse and violence among teens.

For local details on the SFP please contact Jennifer Leach (4-H Youth Development) or Ramona Leber (SFP Coordinator).

For detailed research information on the program, please go to our statewide SFP website: