Island County Waste

How to Dispose of Solid Waste on Whidbey and Camano Islands

Curbside recycling is offered to all residents of the City of Oak Harbor, the Town of Coupeville, the NAS Whidbey, and Camano Island.

Self-sorting of recyclables is available to persons who deliver waste to any of four county drop-box facilities or one privately owned and operated recycling business.

  • Camano Island – Camano Transfer Center, 75 E. Camano Hill Road, 360-387-9696.
    What can you bring here?  Solid waste, recyclables, scrap metals and household hazardous waste. Map
  • Coupeville – Coupeville Transfer Station, 20018 SR 20, 360-679-7386 or 360-240-5592. This was formerly the county landfill, but is now a transfer station.
    What can you bring here?  Solid waste, recyclables and household hazardous waste.  Map
  • Oak Harbor – North Whidbey Dropbox & Recycle Park, 3151 Oak Harbor Road, 360-675-6161.
    What can you bring here?  Limited solid waste, recyclables and household hazardous waste.    Map
  • Bayview – Bayview Dropbox & Recycle Park, 5790 S Kramer Road, Langley, near Bayview Corners, 360-321-4505.
    What can you bring here?  Limited recycling, solid waste, household hazardous waste.    Map
  • Freeland – Island Recycling, 20014 SR 525, 360-331-1727.
    What can you bring here?  Recycling and scrap metals     Map

Household Hazardous Waste

Paints, solvents, yard and garden chemicals, hobby chemicals, household batteries, used motor oil, fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lights, and other household hazardous waste may be delivered to any of the four county-operated drop box facilities for free disposal. Note: Island Recycling, located in Freeland, is a privately owned recycling business which does not accept hazardous waste.

For information on recycling electronics, CFL’s, appliances, and more see Island County Recycle Solid Waste Recycle