Agroforestry Options for Small Farms

Carrie Brausieck, Resource Planner for the Snohomish County Conservation District discussed agroforestry options for small farms at the November 2020 presentation of the Whidbey Island Growers Association. She was joined by Kyle Flack of Bell’s Farm who shared some of the agroforestry practices they are incorporating at their farm. You can view the recording below.

For additional information on Agroforestry practices, the following sites may be useful:

Pacific Northwest Agroforestry Working Group

The Center for Agroforestry at the University of Missouri

USDA National Agroforestry Center

The Savanna Institute

The Snohomish County Conservation District website includes additional information and links to other information on agroforestry, and WSU Extension’s Puget Sound Forestry team also has some excellent videos on establishing tree plantings and non-forest timber products on their YouTube channel.