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STEM Testimonials

Program Contact: Nancy Baskett, 4-H Program Coordinator
(206) 263-1923 •

“Students LOVED working with the robots. After 5 days of introduction on inventorying parts, how to build them, and basic programming, I gave students options for challenges and they worked in pairs to solve any of the challenges. I think every student was challenged to do something new, and every student was frustrated at least once. Working through frustration leads to powerful learning, and the NXT bots provided both. Thanks!”

-Emily Elasky, Science Teacher, Mercer Middle School, Seattle, WA


“Partnering with 4-H for our 2013 summer program was a huge success.  A big reason for the success was the having STEM classes every day. Many of our students lack consistency in their lives outside of school. They knew they could count on having a fun STEM activity everyday, and this consistency makes it easier for them to engage and invest.  We look forward to continuing to work with 4-H to to provide our students a consistent and engaging STEM presence. The success of the summer STEM classes carried over into the school year. Following the summer program there is more student interest in science. I’m offering more science-themed courses in afterschool than ever before and enrollment is high.“

Desiree Tabares, Community Learning Center Coordinator, Mercer Middle School, Seattle, WA


“We’ve been working with 4-H for several years. The last two years they have come in and worked with every 6th grader science class for two days in a row doing the Eco-bot Challenge, which is a project where the kids made little robots out of toothbrush heads and pager motors and then use the bots to clean up a simulated toxic spill. This year they’ve come back in and instead of using the Eco-bots we’re trying the Wired For Wind Challenge, which fits in with our ecology unit because of renewable energy resources. We do a little pre-work and then 4-H arrives, they bring all the materials with them,  and for two days they take over programming. They divide the kids into groups, and they get them working with the hands on materials right away. The kids have always enjoyed these projects because they are all hands-on.”

– Terri Landers, Science Teacher, Totem Middle School, Federal Way, WA